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Caravan Bakers in Union City, Calif. Join Local 24

Posted by BCTGM - December 8, 2009 - Uncategorized

BCTGM Region Six International Vice President Randy Roark is pleased to report that BCTGM Local 24 (San Francisco) has successfully organized the new Caravan Baking Company production facility in Union City, California.  The bargaining unit will include all production, wrapping, shipping and receiving, maintenance and sanitation departments. The new bakery already employs 75 bakers who […]

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JAG Foods Re-Opens Closed Bakery, Grants Union Recognition without an Election

Posted by BCTGM - November 8, 2009 - Organizing

When a production plant that employs BCTGM members closes its doors, does the local just say farewell to those workers? According to BCTGM Region 1 Vice President Art Montminy maintaining support of such members can pay off. Montminy says that an example of such dedication was recently exemplified by Local 102 (New York, NY). In […]

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Roskam Certification Illustrates Democracy at Work

Posted by BCTGM - October 8, 2009 - Organizing

Just a year after Local 70 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) organized Roskam Baking Company’s new cereal plant in Grand Rapids, the company has voluntarily recognized the local union at its new candy manufacturing facility. In 2008, representatives from Local 70–which has had a decades-long relationship with the company at facilities throughout Michigan–approached Roskam management about voluntarily […]

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100 Workers at Land-O-Sun Join Local 358, Richmond, Va.

Posted by BCTGM - April 8, 2009 - Uncategorized

Pass the BCTGM-made milk to enjoy with your BCTGM-made cookies or cereal. On March 17, more than 100 workers at Land-O-Sun Dairy in Richmond, Va. voted to join BCTGM Local 358 (Richmond). Land-O-Sun Dairy, a subsidiary of dairy giant Dean Foods, produces all varieties of fresh milk under private label brands. Land-O-Sun Dairy, which was […]

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Safeway Bakers in Santa Clara and Navato, Calif. Join Local 24

Posted by BCTGM - March 8, 2009 - Organizing

BCTGM Local 24 (San Francisco, CA) has organized the Safeway in-store bakeries in Santa Clara (store #763) and Navato (store #2828), California. The organizing campaigns were lead by Local 24 Financial Secretary Joe Biringer and his staff, according to Region 6 International Vice President Randy Roark. The BCTGM welcomes the new Safeway retail bakers into […]

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