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The United States Supreme Court Upholds the Affordable Care Act

Posted by BCTGM - June 28, 2012 - Labor News, Legislative News

“I applaud the Supreme Court for upholding the Affordable Care Act.  American citizens finally won with this very important decision,” notes BCTGM International President Frank Hurt on the June 28 ruling. The Supreme Court led by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. upheld the core of President Obama’s healthcare law, ruling that the government may […]

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BCTGM Made Pet Food Products

Posted by BCTGM - June 28, 2012 - BCTGM-Made, Labor News, Local Union News BCTGM Made Pet Food Products

People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of nutrition and how healthy pet foods can affect overall well-being of their pets.  So why not make sure pets are consuming union-made animal foods and treats? BCTGM members proudly produce pet products including Milk Bone and a wide variety of Nestlé Purina products. Milk Bone BCTGM […]

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Bring Jobs Home | America Wants to WORK

Posted by BCTGM - June 19, 2012 - Activism, America Wants to Work, Corporate Greed, Jobs BringJobsHome

The United States has lost more manufacturing jobs over the previous decade than during the Great Depression. A decade of record trade deficits, the closure of more than 50,000 manufacturing facilities, the loss of nearly six million manufacturing jobs, and chronic trade deficits are troubling signs of the nation’s diminished industrial and innovative capability. The […]

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Infographic: Bring Jobs Home

Posted by BCTGM - June 18, 2012 - America Wants to Work, Jobs

Check out this great infographic from the AFL-CIO, and be sure to text JOBS to 235246 to receive updates on how to BRING JOBS HOME! SHARE THIS: Tell a friend page: Share on Twitter: Share on Facebook:  

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