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Jon Stewart and Robert Reich Discuss Income Inequality in America

Posted by BCTGM - September 30, 2013 - Jobs, Video, Wages

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AFL-CIO Convention: Bankruptcy Reform Resolution Passes Unanimously

Posted by BCTGM - September 10, 2013 - AFL-CIO, Corporate Greed, Hostess Bankruptcy

(This is a re-post from the AFL-CIO’s Live Convention BLOG) Bankruptcy laws are rigged against working people. Employers, corporations and lenders often exploit these laws to weaken our retirement security, cut health care and leave young workers saddled with student loan debt, without the prospect of a good job or the ability to discharge the […]

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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren Addresses AFL-CIO Convention

Posted by BCTGM - September 9, 2013 - AFL-CIO

“If we fight, we win,” shouted Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) near the end of her keynote speech on the opening evening of the 2013 AFL-CIO Convention. “Real reform isn’t easy,” Warren said to loud applause. “Uphill battles? You bet!”

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AFL-CIO: ” We Are Listening”

Posted by BCTGM - September 5, 2013 - AFL-CIO, Labor News

A delegation of BCTGM members will be attending the AFL-CIO 2013 National Convention in Los Angeles from Sept. 8–11. In the months leading up to the AFL-CIO Convention, the Federation posed significant questions about the future of the labor movement online and within communities during listening sessions. They have heard the ideas of rank-and-file members and activists […]

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Happy Labor Day: A Message from Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez

Posted by BCTGM - September 2, 2013 - Holidays, Labor Day, National Labor Relations

Thomas E. Perez, the U.S. secretary of labor, sends you this message on Labor Day: Brother and Sisters, From the U.S. Department of Labor, where I proudly work in a building named for my great predecessor Frances Perkins, let me wish all of my friends in the AFL-CIO and your families—wherever you are—a safe, happy […]

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