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Taste of JUSTICE: Support Franklin Street Bakery Workers in Minneapolis

Posted by BCTGM - January 20, 2017 - AFL-CIO, Local Union News, Organizing TasteofJusticeLogo_web

Workers at the Franklin Street Bakery in Minneapolis have struggled for years with poverty wages, unaffordable health insurance, lack of time off to care for family members, little opportunity for advancement and raises, favoritism, and unfairly applied work policies. When the bakers decided to exercise their legal right to form a union and improve their conditions, […]

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Minneapolis Bakery Workers Continue to Fight for the Right to Join a Union

Posted by BCTGM - January 19, 2017 - Local Union News, Organizing BD321FBF-

BCTGM Director of Organization John Price joined with officers and organizers from BCTGM Local Union 22 (Minneapolis) in a series of meetings with employees of Franklin Street Bakery who are in the midst of an organizing drive to join the BCTGM. The campaign, which began in 2016, has received tremendous support from the Minneapolis/St. Paul […]

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At this Time of Challenge and Controversy, We Need Solidarity

Posted by BCTGM - January 13, 2017 - AFL-CIO MLK quote

by Tefere Gebre, AFL-CIO Executive Vice President “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We’re coming off of an election that reminded us we still have considerable work ahead in the […]

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Puzder’s Record Defined by Fighting Against Working People

Posted by BCTGM - January 12, 2017 - Trump Administration, Wages Puzder AntiLaborSec1

Yesterday, working people who have been employed by fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder shared their stories with Senate Democrats. They made it clear why Puzder is being called the #AntiLaborSecretary. Gathered by the AFL-CIO, here are some of the key tweets that captured the hearings. Meanwhile, read about Puzder’s Record Defined by Fighting Against Working People

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The Anti-Worker Labor Secretary

Posted by BCTGM - January 9, 2017 - Trump Administration puzder-teaser-image

Jobs With Justice and the Economic Policy Institute have launched, a new clearinghouse for articles, statements and shareable content about Trump’s anti-worker, anti-union and all-together terrible pick for Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzder. Instead of standing up for working people, President-elect Trump selected the fast-food tycoon as his pick for Secretary of Labor. Puzder is […]

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