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David B. Durkee
Secretary-Treasurer and Director of Organization

BCTGM International Secretary-Treasurer and Director of Organization David B. Durkee was elected to his first full term as secretary-treasurer on July 17, 1998, during the union's 35th Constitutional Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Delegates to the BCTGM's 36th Constitutional Convention re-elected him to a second full term in July 2002 and in July 2006, Durkee was re-elected by delegates to the BCTGM's 37th Constitutional Convention to serve a third term.

Durkee, a long-time resident of Evansville, Ind., was elected to fill the open position of secretary-treasurer by the BC&T's General Executive Board in May 1998.

In March 1992, Durkee was elected as International Executive Vice president by the union's General Executive Board. At the 1994 BCT Constitutional Convention, delegates elected Durkee to serve a full four-year term in that office. He has held the position of International Director of Organization since 1990.

Durkee has been a BCTGM activist since joining Local 280 (Evansville, Ind.) in 1973 as a worker at Lewis Brothers Bakery. In 1983, Durkee became Local 280's business agent and financial secretary.

During his tenure with Local 280, Durkee was an AFL-CIO community service counselor and a vice president of the Evansville Labor Temple. He also coached a variety of community sports teams.

While serving the union full time, Durkee earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Southern Indiana in 1981 and his master's degree in agency counseling from Indiana State University in 1986. Additionally, Durkee is a 1991 graduate of the Harvard Trade Union Program.

In 1986, Durkee was appointed a BCTGM International Representative.

Durkee served as the chair of the International's Task Force on Youth Involvement and since 1990, has been the chairman of the union's Technology Committee.

Durkee resides in the Washington, D.C. area and also maintains a home in Evansville. He is married and has three children and several grandchildren.

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