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Nestlé is the world’s leading producer of chocolate and confectionery products.

Members of BCTGM Local 53 work at the Nestlé Food Ingredient Development Co. in New Milford, Conn. BCTGM members at the plant produce various types of bakery and confectionery ingredients for distribution to Nestlé production plants throughout the U.S.

In Totowa, N.J., members of Local 102 (New York, N.Y.) work in the candy repackaging department of Perugina Brands of America, a Nestlé-owned company.

Local 342 (Bloomington, Ill.) members are employed at Kathryn Beich Inc., a Nestlé Company. Union members at the plant produce and package Nestlé Treasurers, Laffy Taffy, Flips Pretzels and Kathryn Beich specialty candy (packaged candy and chocolate, made exclusively for fundraising activities).

At the Nestlé Chocolate and Confection plant in Franklin Park. Ill., Local 1 (Chicago) members produce the Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, BB’s and Pearson’s Nips.