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Live and learn with BCTGM Power. The BCTGM Power/Union Plus Education Program provides a range of services designed to help union members build upon their education and job skills training. For members, it’s more than just learning – it’s investing in their future.

 Union Plus Scholarships

The Union Plus Scholarship awards $150,000 annually to members, their spouses and their children who are pursuing a secondary education at a university, college, trade or technical school. The Union Leaders of Future Scholarship helps women and people of color become union leaders. The Union Plus National Labor College Scholarship awards $25,000 annually to those enrolling in the National Labor College.

College Test Prep Discounts


Save 15% to 60% on college test prep courses from the Princeton Review.

College Savings Grants

$500 grant to members who open a new 529 college savings or a pre-paid tuition account and contribute at least $1,000. Beneficiaries must be 12 years old or younger.