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VIDEO: TPP is a BAD DEAL for Workers!

Posted by BCTGM - November 19, 2015 - Trade, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been released, and it’s worse than we thought. It has many of the same provisions that gave corporations and CEOs more power over our communities and shipped jobs overseas. Watch this video to learn why TPP is not good for America’s workers.

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Sign Petition to Support Panera Workers in Michigan

Posted by BCTGM - November 6, 2015 - Organizing, Panera Union YES

More than three years have passed since they voted to form a union and Panera workers in Michigan are still waiting. The franchisee that owns the Panera Bread stores in the region continues to refuse to recognize the BCTGM as the official collective bargaining representative of the bakers and refuses to meet to bargain a first contract.  […]

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Stock up for a BCTGM-Made Trick-or-Treat!

Posted by BCTGM - October 14, 2015 - BCTGM-Made, Local Union News Halloween2015

Annabelle Candy Company: Rocky Road, Abba Zaba, Look, Big Hunk and U-No. (Local 125/Oakland, Calif.)   Boyer Candies: Mallo Cups, Peanut Butter Cups, Smoothie Cups, Triple Twist Pretzels, Dark Chocolate Mallo Cups. (Local 19/Cleveland, Ohio)   Concord Confections (Tootsie Roll Industries): Double Bubble Bubble Gum. (Local 264/Toronto)   Ghirardelli Chocolate: Pumpkin Spice Caramel Squares, Solid […]

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Pearson Candy Workers Want Company to Negotiate in Good Faith

Posted by BCTGM - October 9, 2015 - Collective Bargaining, Local Union News, Press Pearsons

Twin Cities, Minn. − After months of negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement, workers at the Pearson’s Candy Company facility in St. Paul, Minn. are urging company CEO Michael Keller to force company negotiators to bargain in good faith. BCTGM Local Union 22 and Pearson’s Candy have yet to reach agreement on a new […]

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BCTGM Lobbies Against Federal Health Care Tax

Posted by BCTGM - September 22, 2015 - Labor News, Legislative News

The BCTGM, together with the AFL-CIO, has gone on the offensive to convince Congress and the Obama Administration, that a 40 percent excise tax on so-called “Cadillac” health care plans will have a detrimental effect on union workers who have sacrificed to maintain quality health care coverage for themselves and their families. The tax is […]

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