BCTGM Officers and Staff Gather for Special Meeting on Organizing

Posted by BCTGM - February 27, 2017 - International Staff, Organizing - No Comments
Intl. officers, staff and organizers worked on a organizing plan for the Union.
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“Organizing MUST be a priority of every member of the BCTGM in order to grow and build our strength,” BCTGM International President David Durkee said┬áduring a recent one-day meeting on the BCTGM’s organizing program.

“Organizing is hard work. But it is something that each and every local union needs to embrace and expand,” Director of Organization John Price explained in his opening remarks.

The meeting included all International Vice Presidents, International Representatives, BCTGM Organizers and International staff. The group discussed organizing strategies, ongoing organizing efforts and ways to identify and develop local union organizers. The group also addressed the various important resources available to organizers offered by the International Union.

“You would be surprised what workers would do when asked. And that is just it, local unions need to identify those workers who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone and will get involved in organizing,” noted BCTGM Midwest Region International Vice President Jethro Head.

Pictured here are some scenes from the meeting of BCTGM organizers.