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Stewards Corner

Brothers and Sisters:

I want to take this opportunity to commend you for your willingness to become a BCTGM shop steward.  The shop steward has always played a vital role in the structure of the BCTGM.

As a BCTGM steward, you are a first line of defense for protecting the rights of your union Brothers and Sisters in your shop.  Your job is essential to protecting the integrity of the collective bargaining agreement under which you and your colleagues work.

In your capacity as a steward, you are a leader, an enforcer of rights, an educator and a role model for other workers.  Stewards are an important connection between the membership on the shop floor and the local union officers.

The International Union has developed this portion of our website in order to provide BCTGM shop stewards with information and materials that will help you strengthen your skills and become as effective a steward as possible.  This site will be updated and expanded as necessary to provide you with timely information.

This particular initiative is part of the International Union’s commitment to expand education and training opportunities for International Union staff, local union officers, shop stewards and rank-and-file members.

Once again, congratulations and thank you for your commitment to your local union Brothers and Sisters.

In Solidarity,

David B. Durkee

International President